Friday, April 1, 2016

[PHOTOS] 160225 Seohyun's Instagram Updates

160225 Seohyun's SEOstagram Updates

오늘도 좋은하루 보내용~😚쪽💋

Good morning~♡ Spend a good day today too~😚 Mwah 💋

짜잔~~맘마미아 서피의 첫공연 잘 마쳤어용~^^♡
뜨겁게 반응 해주셔서 얼마나 행복했는지 몰라요~~🙆🙇
재밌었죠~~?또보러 오고싶죠~??ㅋㅋ
저는 아직도 흥이 가시질 않네요~ㅎㅎ
#맘마미아 우리 또 함께 즐겨요!!꺅💕

a dah~~ I completed Mamma Mia Seophie's first performance well~^^♡
You don't know how happy I was at the warm reactions~~🙆🙇
Wasn't it fun~~? Don't you want to come watch again~?? Keke
My excitement still hasn't died down yet~ Hehe 
Let's enjoy #MammaMia together again!! Kyah💕

Yoona's Comment: 
@seojuhyun_s 막냉이 바람과 함께 사라진 너를 보러 못갔으니 서피는 꼭 가볼테다.

Maknaengie, since I couldn't see you gone with the wind, I will definitely go see Seophie.

Source: seojuhyun_s on instagram

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