Monday, April 25, 2016

[PHOTO] 160317 Seohyun's Instagram Update

160317 Seohyun's SEOstagram Update

tell me why~~내맘이맘이 자꾸흔들리니~난여기여기 네옆에있잖니~정신차려~lion heart~~🎤
간만에 라이언하트 무대 정말 즐거웠어요ㅎㅎ

Tell me why~~ Why does my heart, my heart keep shaking~ I'm right here, here beside you~ Snap out of it~ Lion heart~~🎤
Lion Heart stage was so much fun, hehe 
#ThankYouForTheAlwaysPrettyPhotos 💕

오늘 뮤지컬 #맘마미아 서피 응원와준 으리으리~우리 셩언니랑❤
넘넘 고마워요언니~~덕분에 힘많이났어용~!ㅎㅎ어머님도 너무너무 감사드려요😍

With our loyal loyal~ Syoung unnie who came to today’s #MammaMia musical to support Seopie❤
Thank you so, so much unnie~~ Thanks to you, I gained a lot of strength~! hehe. Thank you very very much to your mother too😍

Sooyoung's Comment: 
근데너막그르케 막 그르케 입술을 막그렇게 응? 해도되는거니?

But you just totally, just like that, your lips like that eh? Are you even allowed to do that?

Source: seojuhyun_s on instagram

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