Thursday, April 28, 2016

[PHOTO] 160318 Jessica's Instagram Update

160318 Jessica's SICAstagram Update

First day in the books !
첫 녹화 끝 💋 
#뷰티바이블2016SS #KBS #kbsworld #kbsdrama #Beautybible #160402

First day in the books!
First filming is done 💋 
#BeautyBible2016SS #KBS #kbsworld #kbsdrama #Beautybible #160402

Jessica's Comments: 
첫방송 볼사람????

감기가 꽉걸려서 목소리 이상해도..이해해줘.. :(

난 감기약도 먹었는데 왜 잠이 안오는거얌

콧물약은 졸린거 아닌가여

Who's gonna watch the first broadcast????

I have a bad cold so even if my voice sounds weird.. Please understand.. :( 

I took cold medicine but why isn't sleep coming to me? 

Is medicine for runny nose non-drowsy?

Jessica's Comments: 
Omg excited!!! Who's gonna watch the first episode with me?? :P

160402 :))))))

I'll wait till jessitime

친절한 뚜연띠

뚜요니 아파요 ㅠㅠ

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 재수없다


클렌징이 메이컵보다 더 중요하니까요! (Mc st)

제시지나면 너네가 많이 찍어줘


Kind Tthuyeontthie (aegyo way of saying Sooyeon, Jessica's Korean name) 

Tthuyeonnie is sick 

Kekekekekekekeke I'm unlucky 

Let me erase my makeup 

Because cleansing is more important than makeup! (Mc st) 

If Jessi o'clock passes, you guys take lots of photos 


Jessica's Comments: 
Byeeeeeee off to remove my makeup 😝

Jessi time 😎

여유 넘치게 제시~~

Im realli going to bed now~~ night!! 😘

With lots of time to spare, Jessi o'clock~~ 

Source: jessica.syj on instagram

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