Monday, November 23, 2015

[PHOTO] 151109 Yoona's Weibo Update

151109 Yoona's WeibYOONG Update

오늘부터 웨이보 시작❤ Hi ! 我来啦~ 韩国马上到冬天了,你们那儿呢? 大家多注意身体! 小心不要感冒了! p.s 虽然我的官方名字是“林润娥“,可是对中国粉丝们来说”林允儿“这个名字更熟悉,所以我就用‘林允儿’这个名字开微博啦。你们要多来这里跟我聊天哦!

Starting today, Weibo start❤️ Hi! I'm here~ It's winter now in Korea, how about over there? Everyone, please take care of your health! Be careful not to catch a cold! p.s Although my official (Chinese) name is "林润娥", but Chinese fans are more familiar with "林允儿", so I opened Weibo with the name '林允儿'. You guys should come here more often to chat with me!

Source: limyuner90 on weibo
Trans: soshistagramtrans

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