Friday, November 27, 2015

[NEWS] 151118 Yoona joins Hyeon Bin in movie 'Cooperation'

151118 Yoona joins Hyeon Bin in movie 'Cooperation'

Actor Hyeon Bin and singer actress Girls' Generation member Yoona will co-star in movie "Cooperation".

According to an insider in movie industry on November 16th, Yoona has been confirmed to star in "Cooperation" recently. Yoona will play Park Minyeong, who is a sister-in-law to the Korean detective in the movie. This is her screen comeback in two years since her Chinese movie, 'Goodbye Ani'.

"Cooperation" already drew much attention when Hyeon Bin chose the movie as his screen comeback after his two year break from films. "Cooperation" is a story about an unofficial and first cooperation in investigation between South Korea and North Korea. The film is a blockbuster with its production budget of 10 billion won. Hyeon Bin plays Im Cheol-ryeong, a North Korean detective. He is expected to present high level action acting and talks in North Korean accent. The filming is to begin in the beginning of next year.

Meanwhile, Yoo Hae-jin has been contacted for the role as the brother-in-law for Yoona's character, Park Minyeong. Yoo Hae-jin's agency Sim Entertainment told TV Report, ""Cooperation" is one of the projects he is looking into positively".

Source: hancinema

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