Thursday, November 26, 2015

[PHOTO] 151116 Sunny's Instagram Update

151116 Sunny's SUNstagram Update

"써니의 FM데이트" 쿨하게 마지막 밤을 보내고!!! 이제 정말 마음으로 이별을 받아드리는 중입니다..^^ 한 번씩이라도 들어주시고 문자와 미니메세지 보내서 얘기 나눠주심으로써 좋은 추억 만들어 주신 모든 FM데이트 가족들께 감사드립니다. 또 그동안 수고하셨던 모든 스텝들 (장수연피디님, 남효민작가님, 하정민피디님, 정영선피디님, 손재내작가님, 류아름작가님) 그리고 함께 코너 하며 웃고 또 웃겼던 많은 코너 지기들 (캐스커 이준오오빠, 오디오매거진편집장 이현준오빠, 안영미언니, 티비칼럼니스트 이승한오빠 등등...) 감사한 분들 투성입니다. 스페셜 땡스투는 반고정 게스트 김현철선생님. 최다출연이셨던 것만 같은 전인권싸부님. 소녀시대 멤버들. 애청해주신 우리 가족들. 그리고 소원과...광고주님들입니다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 마지막까지 웃자고요!! 눈물은 우리와 어울리지 않아요!! 즐깁시다!! 이별이 있어야 또다른 반가운 만남도 있으니까요!!!!! 또 만나요!!! 라뷰❤ 전 내일도 여기서 기다릴께요!!!

Coolly spent "Sunny's FM Date" final night!!! And really accepting the parting with my heart now..^^ Thank you to all of FM Date family members who created good memories by sharing stories sent through letters and mini messages and granting them at least once. Also, all of the staff who worked hard all this time (Jang SooYeon PD-nim, writer Nam HyoMin, Ha JungMin PD-nim, Jang YoungSun PD-nim, writer Son JaeNae, writer Ryu AhReum) and these guests who laughed and laughed doing the segments together (Casker Lee JunOh oppa, Audio magazine chief editor Lee HyunJoon oppa, Ahn YoungMi unnie, TV columnist Lee SeungHan oppa, etc...) Full of people whom I'm thankful to. My special thanks to are semi-permanent guest teacher Kim HyunChul. Most starred-like master Jun InKwon. Girls' Generation members. My family members who enjoyed listening. And SONE...and advertisers hahahahaha let's smile until the end!! Tears don't suit us!! Let's enjoy!! There has to be a farewell to have another welcoming meeting!!!!! Let's meet again!!! Love you❤️ I will wait here tomorrow as well!!!
@mbcfmdate: It's such a pity but the last photo.. SoonD who received an appreciation plaque! All of the production team who have been with us all the while came and exchanged greetings. Our bright and pretty SoonD! For the 8PM every day, we were always thankful♡
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