Tuesday, January 5, 2016

[PHOTO] 151205 Hyoyeon's Instagram Update with Yuri

151205 Hyoyeon's HYOstagram Update with Yuri

사랑하는 내친구 권유리야 생일축하해❤🍰 유리의 존재만으로 난 너무나 행복하다잉❤

Happy birthday to my lovely friend, Kwon Yuri ❤️🍰 I'm very happy with just Yuri's existence ❤️

Yuri's Comment: 
효랭아 보구싶어 ... 😍😛☺💕 놀자

Hyoraeng-ah, I want to see you... 😍😛☺️💕 Let's play.  

Source: watasiwahyo on instagram

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