Sunday, January 31, 2016

[NETIZEN REACTIONS] 151229 Yoona's Natural Beauty Shines in Innisfree Shoot

151229 Yoona's Natural Beauty Shines in Innisfree Shoot

1. [+3,008, -133] There's a reason Innisfree has used her as their model for seven consecutive years... her pure image fits them so well.

2. [+2,087, -109] She's the perfect CF model for them ㅎㅎ brand and model match well

3. [+2,101, -227] Yoona makes the brand Innisfree feel more high status and not drug store. Innisfree is definitely gaining a lot out of her as their model. I have friends who use high end brands but still use a product from Innisfree. Its status is rising.

4. [+1,534, -117] She's maintained her early debut innocence till now...

5. [+1,287, -99] She looks the same in real life as her pictures, her personality doesn't seem to have changed either

6. [+1,020, -68] Her pictures make you feel good, I love her pure image

7. [+1,181, -135] Time seems to have been the only thing that's changed. There are so many people around her who get plastic surgery done but she's never waivered to it and I want to praise her for that.

8. [+896, -66] As pretty as ever ㅠㅠㅠ

9. [+862, -63] For a brand that's centered on nature and everything natural, Yoona is the perfect model for them


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