Tuesday, December 30, 2014

[PHOTOS] 141227 Taeyeon's Instagram Updates

141227 InsTAENGram Updates 

일하는여자가아름답다 👏 열일하는 파니랑 스타일리스트들 @xolovestephi @pd2da

Women at work are beautiful 👏 Fany and stylists who are hard at work @xolovestephi @pd2da


💓.... #팬편지 #tysone

💓…. #FanLetter #tysone

Taeyeon's Comment: 
게시물 글로 제 맘을 전달하자니 괜한 걱정이 돼어 댓글로 남겨요. 정말 많이 울었네요 너무 고맙고 미안하고 마음이 꽉 차서요. 저기 보여진게 다 가 아니란 거 여러분도 아시죠 매번 소중히 보내주신 여러분 생각과 마음 잘 느끼고있어요. 오늘 밤은 여러가지로 참 생각이 많을거 같네요.. 정말 많이 고맙고 저에겐 힘이에요💕 아힝 . 하.

I suddenly had the worry of whether leaving a message on the notice board* would really convey my feelings so I'm doing it through a comment. I really cried a lot, because I felt so thankful, so sorry and I liked it so much. What's shown [in the picture] isn't everything, all of you know that too right? Every time, everyone's precious thoughts and feelings that are sent over, I'm feeling all of it. Seems like I'll be having many various thoughts tonight.. I'm really very thankful and to me, these are my strength Ah-hing . Ha.

Source: taeyeon_ss on instagram

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