Wednesday, December 31, 2014

[PHOTO] 141229 Sooyoung's Instagram Update

141229 Sooyoung's Instagram Update 

#계절학기 #다음엔일코할수있게만들어주세요 #앞면에뙇

Holiday class, please let me pretend to be a normal person Positive dua .

Yuri's Comment: 
선배 계절학기 빠이팅이요! 선배 일코는 저리치워요 일코같은소리.... 하시네요... 선배기럭지는 이미 일반적이지 못해 😲

Sunbae, good luck with your Holiday classes! But please give up pretend to be normal .... Why are you talking about being normal... Sunbae your (leg length or height) is not normal people can compare.

써니예쁘다 써니야 추카해^^ 내년부터는 언니라고불러도될까❤#써니의fm데이트 #써니 @svnnynight

Sunny is pretty. Sunny-yah, congrats^^ Can I start addressing you as unnie next year onwards?❤#SunnysFMdate #Sunny @svnnynight

Source: syofgg on instagram

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