Tuesday, December 30, 2014

[PHOTOS] 141227 Sooyoung's Instagram Updates

141227 Sooyoung's Instagram Updates 

아 어깨통통춤추며 나까지행복해지네. 대선배님들과 어깨를 나란히 한 우리서현이 자랑스럽다❤ 나도 방청갈껄!!! 다음주도 기대기대!! #토토가 #무한도전 #SES

Ah, my shoulders are dancing and I'm getting happy too. I'm proud of our Seohyun who is standing shoulder to shoulder with huge sunbaenims. ❤ I should've gone to watch in the audience!!! Looking forward to next week!! #ToToGa (shortened name of program - "Saturday, Saturday Singers") #InfiniteChallenge #SES


이쁜척은언제나쑥스러워요🙈 다시 #tokyodome 준비하던그때로 #wearetheshowgirls

Acting pretty is always embarrassing. 🙈 This is back when we were practicing for #tokyodome #wearetheshowgirls

치킨시킨분몇층이시죠이럼안되지이건반칙이건아닌듯 엘베로공격하는건아니지 그것도 #퇴근길 에


Which floor is the person who ordered chicken on? You can't do this. It feels like cheating... It's like they're using the elevator to attack me. Especially while I'm on my #wayhomefromwork.

Source: syofgg on instagram

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