Tuesday, October 13, 2015

[PHOTOS] 151003 Tiffany's Instagram Updates

151003 Tiffany's MIYOUNGstagram Updates 

october nights 🌙 #tgif

as someone who shares the same passion&love for music, i couldnt be more proud&excited for my bestfriend. congratulations on reaching a life long dream&cheers to new beginnings😉🎤🎶 all my love is for u xx ‼ #i 🎵💜

#finally #congratsboo #singyourheartout #gglovesu #feelinglikeaproudparent #i 😈💜

Taeyeon's Comment: 
빠니가 젤 조아하는 사진💖 칭찬받았다

The photo that Bbani likes the most 💖 I received your praise 

Source: xolovestephi on instagram

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