Friday, October 23, 2015

[PHOTO] 151015 Taeyeon's Instagram Update

151015 Taeyeon's TAENGstagram Update

음악방송에서 두번째 1위 받았어요😳 #SONE 여러분 없었으면 나오지도 못했을 앨범이고.. 제가 오늘처럼 긴장할 이유도 없었겠죠? 😂 힝 지금 생각하니까 너무 웃기고 창피해요. 세상에나...진짜 긴장했었나봐요 다시한번 진심으로 고맙고 축하해요 소원💖 내가 노래하는 이유에요 #오글 #그렇지만진심 #I #tysone

It’s my second win at a music program😳 This album wouldn’t even have been possible without #SONE.. There will be no reason for me to as nervous as I was today right? 😂 Hing. Now that I think about it, I find it funny and embarrassing. Oh my goodness… I must have been really nervous. From the bottom of my heart again, thank you and congratulations SONE 💖 You’re the reason I sing #Mushy #ButItsTheTruth #I #tysone

Source: taeyeon_ss on instagram

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