Tuesday, September 29, 2015

[VIDEO] 150913 Hyoyeon's Instagram Update with SNSD at the waiting room

150913 Hyoyeon's HYOstagram Update with SNSD at the waiting room

1위!!! 고마워요ㅜㅜ! 역시 #소원 이 짱이야.!!!😍 #소시 멤버들도 소원도 5집 활동하면서 수고많았어!! 고마워❤️ #야~그런게어딨어엉_귀엽다잉ㅎ

1st place!!! Thank you TT! As expected, #SONE is the best.!!!😍 #Soshi members and SONEs have worked hard a lot during the 5th album promotions!! Thanks❤️ #Hey~How could you do that_Cute heh

Yuri: Are we filming it now? Hey~ How could you do that~?

Source: watasiwahyo on instagram 
Trans: soshistagramrans 

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