Tuesday, September 29, 2015

[PHOTO] 150913 SNSD with Former Manager

150913 SNSD with Former Manager 

내가 살아온 그리고 앞으로 살아갈 수많은 시간 중 자랑스러운 기억이 될 사람들과 함께 ❤️ #girlsgeneration #라이온하트 활동수고했어~~ 이런사진첨이라쑥스럽당..... 😂

Of the many times I lived and can live in the future, (I will be) with people who can become memories I can be proud of ❤ #girlsgeneration #LionHeart promotions, you've worked hard~~ It's the first time to be in such photo, so I'm embarrassed..... 😂

Source: kminjin on instagram
Trans: soshistagratrans

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