Tuesday, May 3, 2016

[PHOTO] 160325 Sooyoung's Tumblr Update

160325 Sooyoung's Tumblr Update

늘 너와 함께할 준비가 되어있는 꽃.
꽃은 아름다운 그만큼 맘씨도 곱단다.
변덕이 없어 사귈만 하단다.

-이해인 수녀님의 시 ‘꽃을 보고 오렴’ 中에서
#sootuff #fayewoo #이해인 #꽃

Flower that is always ready to be with you. 
Flowers have a kind heart as much as they are beautiful.
They are unchanging so they are good to date. 
- Excerpt from Lee Haein nun’s poem ‘Go See the Flowers’

Source: sootuff on tumblr

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