Monday, March 14, 2016

[PHOTO] 160212 Tiffany's Instagram Update

160212 Tiffany's MIYOUNGstagram Update

#동네의영웅 토요일 일요일 밤 11시 📺✨ dont forget to watch my hero @yulyulk on @ocn_localhero 💛 소녀시대 가 응원합니당 !! ➕ ps.. 우리 유리 하얗게 찍어주셔서 감사합니다 💕 ➕ pps.. 내가고른사진맘에들지? 😇 ➕ pps.. @leesoohyuk 오빠도빠이팅 😁❤

#LocalHero on Saturday and Sunday at 11PM 📺✨ dont forget to watch my hero @yulyulk on @ocn_localhero 💛 Girls' Generation is supporting you !! ➕ ps.. Thank you for filming our Yuri in a white way 💕 ➕ pps.. You like the photo I chose, right? 😇 ➕ pps.. Fighting to @leesoohyuk oppa too 😁❤️

Yuri's Comment: 
쏘 맘에 들어

욜마 히어로

I so like it 

You're my hero

Source: xolovestephi on instagram
Trans: soshistagramtrans

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