Monday, March 14, 2016

[PHOTO] 160212 Seohyun's Instagram Update

160212 Seohyun's SEOstagram Update

오늘~~뮤지컬 맘마미아 가족들에게
맛난 도시락 선물해준 우리 팬여러분~~너무너무 고마워요~^^정말 맛있게 잘먹었어용😋
여러분 덕분에 오늘 연습도 힘내서할 수 있었어요~!!😘이제 공연이 얼마 남지않았어요~ㅎ에너지 넘치는 맘마미아 공연!! 열심히 준비중이니 많이많이 보러오셔서 함께 즐겨요~~👪👫👬👭❤

Today~~Our fans who gave delicious lunchbox
To the musical "Mamma Mia" family~~ Thank you very, very much~^^We ate deliciously well😋
Thanks to everyone, we had strength and were able to practice today as well~!!😘There's not much time left now until the performances~Heh Mamma Mia performance overflowing with energy!! We're working hard preparing, so please come watch a lot, lot and enjoy together~~👪👫👬👭❤️

Source: seojuhyun_s on instagram
Trans: soshistagramtrans

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