Thursday, December 10, 2015

[PHOTO] 151123 Tiffany with Baek A Yeon

151123 Tiffany with Baek A Yeon t

오늘 파니언니 덕분에 #소녀시대 선배님들 콘서트 !!!! #phantasia 다녀왔어요!! 다들 정말 너무너무 예쁘고 멋있고 잘하시고ㅠㅠ 초대해주셔서 감사합니당 언니!!!!!!😍❤️😘 @xolovestephi 언넝 만나요오오옹 헤헿

Thanks to Fany unnie, I went to #GirlsGeneration seniors concert !!!! #phantasia today!! All of them are really so, so pretty, cool and great TT TT Thank you for inviting me, unnie!!!!!!😍❤️😘 @xolovestephi let's meet quickly heheh

Source: ayeoniiiiii on instagram
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