Wednesday, December 9, 2015

[PHOTO] 151123 Seohyun's Instagram Update

151123 Seohyun's SEOstagram Update

소원..어쩌면 이렇게 감동을 줄수가 있죠..?ㅜㅜ
우리 소원 없으면 어떻게 살아요~ㅜㅜ
어제 #소녀시대콘서트 #phantasia 에 와서 응원해주신 모든 분들..너무너무 감사했어요~정말 잊지 못할 아름다운 추억으로 남을 것 같아요~^^
#역시소원이짱이야 ♡♡

SONE..How can you touch us like that..?TT
How do we live without our SONE~TT
Everyone who came to #GirlsGenerationconcert #phantasia yesterday and cheered..Thank you so, so much~ I really think it will remain as an unforgettable, beautiful memory~^^
#AsexpectedSONEisthebest ♡♡
Thank you, our SONE~♡I love you, our SONE♡♡

Source: seojuhyun_s on instagram
Trans: soshistagramtrans

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