Wednesday, October 21, 2015

[VIDEO] 151012 Yoona on H:Connect Interview (Chinese Subs + Trans)

151012 Yoona on H:Connect Interview (Chinese Subs + Trans)

Q: What is your first impression towards H:Connect?

Hmm… there are a lot of casual and comfortable outfits and one can have many styles if matched appropriately so i like it.

Q: Among the items that you wore for photoshoot today, is there any item that you like in particular?
Hmm… the items from the Mickey Mouse series are really cute. The winter outerwears are also really warm and comfortable, it makes one really want to get it. Also, like this printed top that i am wearing right now is really pretty too. It can be matched easily.

Q: Please provide some tips to fans on how to match and wear for this autumn/winter season.
Hmm…from what i observe from today shooting, There are a lot of ways to match and wear with a checkered shirt underneath like this, In this autumn/winter season if you can grasp the way to wear a checkered shirt i guess you can come out with many different styles, catching up with korean autumn/winter trend easily.

Q: Is there anywhere you will like to visit by yourself in Seoul?
Oh.. a place i will like to go by myself? hmm.. actually i won’t really go to a specific place but i love the breeze so occasionally i do go driving by myself or when i am feeling down, i will also go for a drive while listening to music to relax my mood

Q: As the new season endorser for H:Connect, can you briefly tell us your thoughts on it?
Hello, i am H:Connect endorser YoonA. I hope that through me, H:Connect will be able to receive love from even more people. Everyone, please give lot of love to H:Connect ❤

Q: Lastly, please briefly tell us of your recent activities
SNSD is coming back with a new album, it is estimated that we will be able to meet everyone really soon. Also, i will be interacting with everyone as the model for H:Connect, please anticipate it!
(t/l note: This interview is taken before SNSD’s Lion Heart comeback)

Source: H:Connect
Trans: mystarmyangel

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