Sunday, October 18, 2015

[PHOTOS] 151009 Taeyeon with Melody Day

151009 Taeyeon with Melody Day

내 사랑 #태연 선배님..안그래두 먼저 찾아뵙고 인사드리려구 했는데 먼저 찾아와주시고 사진도 찍어주셔서 넘 감동이였어요ㅠㅠ 
난 성공한팬 ♥

My love, #Taeyeon sunbaenim..We were going to see and greet her first, but we're so touched because she came to us first and even took a picture with us TTTT
I'm a successful fan ♥

어제 받은 따끈따끈한 싸인CD 자랑 ❤️

Showing off hot, hot signed CD I received yesterday ❤ #Taeyeon sunbaenim said she has been watching us Meldy(Melody Day) well ever since debut stages..Moved.. I'm trembling, so how am I supposed to do on stages from now on...💦I'm also going to collect all of the photocards #successfulfanChacha #Iwanttoquicklygotothebroadcastingstation" 

Source: hichaheebye on instagram
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