Sunday, October 18, 2015

[PHOTOS] 151008 Sooyoung's Instagram Updates with her Sister Choi Soojin

151008 Sooyoung's SOOstagram Updates with her Sister Choi Soojin

오늘은 수지니랑 ❤️😍😘 #Uniqlo #sisters

With Soojinie today ❤😍😘 #Uniqlo #sisters

다른듯 닮은 우리 👭 #Uniqlo #Elle

Us who seems different but looks similar 👭 #Uniqlo #Elle

십년전 처음들었던 켈리크락슨 노래와.. 많이다르기도, 한결같이여전하기도..해서 좋다. 오래묵혀서 울림이있다. 그동안 얼마나 하고싶었을까.그래서 모두들 울컥하나보다. 추카한다 탱구야. #9주연속1위깨면소시선배들이몽둥이들고찾아간대 😏

From the first time I heard [her sing?] Kelly Clarkson’s song 10 years ago.. It seems so different, and yet still so much the same.. I like it because of that. Because she’s been holding back for so long, there’s a resonance. How much must she have wanted to do this all this time. I guess that’s why everyone is worked up [about it]. Congrats, Taengoo-yah. #IfYouGetFirstPlaceFor9WeeksInARowSoshiSunbaenimsWillComeAtYouWithClubs 😏

Taeyeon's Comment: 
각오하고있겠습니다 절대 그럴일은 없겠지만요 ☺

Taeyeon's Reply:
I’ll be prepared for it, even though such a thing will never happen ☺️ 

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