Thursday, May 29, 2014

[PHOTO] 140519 Taeyeon's Instagram Update: "My wisdom teeth..."

140519 InsTAENGram Update: "My wisdom teeth..."

마지막남은 사랑니를 뽑아버렸어요 나 이제 사랑니 없어 잘가안뇽사랑니들아 그동안즐거ㅇ...운건아니얏지만 그래도 채워줘서 고마웠어 �� 

My remaining wisdom teeth have been removed. I have no wisdom teeth now, goodbye farewell wisdom teeth. All those times, it has been fu-... fun, not really but still thank you for filling up that space… 

Source: taeyeon_ss 
Translation by kymmie

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