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[PHOTO] 150930 Taeyeon's Instagram Update in New Zealand

150930 Taeyeon's TAENGstagram Update in New Zealand

뉴질랜드에 다녀왔습니다! 저의 첫번째 미니앨범을 위해 뉴질랜드의 이곳 저곳을 다니며 예쁘고 멋진그림들 많이 담아왔는데요🌷 너무 소중하고 잊지못할 경험이었어요😂 제 음악과 함께 보여드릴 생각을 하니 벌써부터...냐핰 제가 그곳에서 보고 느꼈던것들 공개해드릴게요 좋은건 같이 봐야죠. 크게. #I

I’m back from New Zealand! For the sake of my first mini album, while traveling around New Zealand, I’ve taken pictures of many beautiful and cool places🌷 I think it was a very precious experience that I won’t forget😂 I thought of showing them together with my music but already… nyaha. What I saw and felt at those places, I’ll reveal them to you. Good things should be shared. Widely. #I

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Taeyeon's Comment: 
굿모닝😃☀👋 안녕 좋은아침이에요

서울은 아침부터 비가오는군요? 가을비야 가을🍂💧☔

뉴질랜드 다녀온뒤로 시차가 아직도... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

뉴질랜드가 한국보다 3시간? 4시간? 정도 빨라요 그래서 항상 이시간 되면 자꾸 눈이 떠지네요.... (얼마나있었다구)

다들 설레설레하는구나😃 난 긴장긴장하는데

단콘?? 아니 왜 뉴스에까지 나오고 난리......... 긴잔긴잔긴잔되게 부다미네

맞아요 생일파티때처럼 탱콘도 우리끼리 편하게 즐기는 시간이 될거에요! 대신 노래는 더 마니 ^^ ㅋㅋ 그러니까 긴장부다미버리고 편하게 즐겨야지

고막?? ㅋㅋ 고막이녹으면.... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그럴일 없게 차갑게 식혀드립니다

아티움에 고막건조기들어가여

표가없어?? 표가왜없어!! 있어!!!

아........내 손이 느린건지 이노무 인터넷이 느린건지 아님 그냥 다른사람들이 미친듯이 빠른건지 그맘알아요....

전해라아~ 이거 유리말투인데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

제가 신인가수이긴 하지만.. 남들하는건 다 따라해보려구요 공연도하고 싸인회도하고 콘서트도하고. 그치만 이거다 여러분이 있어야 가능하겠죠😂 많이 보러와주세뇨

내가 아직 뉴스를 못봐서 그러는데 소시단콘 진짜 뉴스뜬거 맞아요? 날짜도? ....나 떠보는건줄 ㅋㅋ

단체로 입맞추고 그러는거 아니지? ㅋㅋ 검색창들어가기 귀찮아서 안보고있음

믿을게여. 맞네맞네. 떴네

아침은 아직 안먹었어요 침대에서 대롱대롱하는중

전 한번 깨면 다시 못자요.....이제부터 밤까지 못 자. ㅜㅜㅜ큰일났다고전해라아

다들 출근길 심심하지말라고 전해라~ 안일오난 애들은 얼른 일어나서 뉴스좀 보라고 전해라~ 지금막 떡밥이 쏟아진다고 전해라아아~

떡밤 하나더추가! 오늘도 신인가수 태연의 티져이미지가 공개될 예정

뉴질랜드의추억. 시작해요

Good morning 😃☀👋🏻 Hi, good morning (Lit: It’s a nice morning) 

Ah so it’s raining first thing in the morning in Seoul? It’s the autumn rain, autumn🍂💧☔ 

After coming back from New Zealand, my jet lag is still… kekekekekeke 

New Zealand is faster than Korea by about 3? or 4? hours. That’s why I keep waking up when it gets to around this time… (Just how long was I even there for)

Ah so everybody is feeling fluttery (excited) 😃 I’m feeling nervous though 

solo con?? Ah why did it even get blown up to the extent of being on the news……… it makes me nervous nervous nervous and burdensome

That’s right, just like during my birthday party, Taeng con[cert] will also be a time for us to have fun just amongst ourselves! Only difference is there will be more songs ^^ Keke that’s why I/we should cast away the nervousness and burdensome feeling and simply just enjoy it

Eardrums?? Keke if your eardrums melt… kekekekeke to ensure such things don’t happen, I’ll cool you down 

Eardrum driers can be brought into the Artium as well 

No tickets?? Why do you not have tickets!! There are tickets!!! 

Ah…….. Not sure if my hands or slow or this internet is slow or is it just because everyone else is crazily fast, I know that feeling….

“Pass it on~” This is how Yuri speaks though kekekekeke 

Although I’m a rookie singer.. I’m thinking of trying to copy what others have done. Doing performances, having fan signing sessions, and having concerts as well. But, all this will probably only be possible if everyone of you are around😂 Come to see me often please

I haven’t been able to see the news yet but did the news of Soshi solo con really make it on the news? Even the dates? I thought you all were just trying to sound things out keke

You’re not all in cahoots right? Keke it’s troublesome to go on the search portal so I’m not looking  

I’ll trust you. That’s right, that’s right. The news appeared 

I haven’t had my breakfast yet. I’m rolling around in bed right now 

Once I wake up, I can’t go back to sleep….. Now I can’t sleep until night time. ㅜㅜㅜPass on the news that a big problem has arose

Tell everyone not to be bored during their commute to work~ Tell all the kids who haven’t woken up to wake up and look at the news~ Tell everyone that a bait has been spilled out~

I’ll add on one more bait! Today’s also the day rookie singer Kim Taeyeon’s image teasers are slated to be revealed

Memories of New Zealand. Let’s begin. 

Source: taeyeon_ss on instagram
Trans: kymmie

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